Your OWWL Card

 Your Ontario/OWWL Membership Card

Apply for your Ontario Public Library/OWWL membership and card at the Circulation Desk during regular hours of operation.  New account requests received during the last hour of operation may not be processed until the next business day.  In such a case, selected materials will be held for a new applicant(s) until their card is available.

Teens and adults are required to provide identification with a current address.  Current telephone and email information is required at the time of application.

Parents or legal guardians are required to sign an application on behalf of their children.  Wayne Central School District students visit our library as a field trip in the spring of their Kindergarten year.  Prior to the visit parents and caregivers of the students are given the opportunity to complete an account application as part of the trip.

An email address is requested on your card application.  All email addresses are used exclusively for official OPL library communication.  Emails may include overdue materials information, reminders of materials nearing their due date, or requirement to renew your account information in person to maintain your account as active.  Cards are good for 2 years and must be renewed every 2 years thereafter.

All responsibilities and privileges associated with the OPL/OWWL card are provided with the card.  Materials may be requested (placed on Hold) or renewed through your OWWL account.

Digital cards available for use with our digital collections:  Libby/Overdrive.  Request an instant digital card  here.    Digital card information is found here

NY Confidentiality Law prohibits us from disclosing private information about registered users to anyone without a legal cause.

Printable OWWL Resident Membership Form: Print, complete and bring your photo ID with current address to the library to get your card.